Slave cylinder clutch failure on Husqvarna 701


This is a MUST DO Husqvarna 701 modification for long distance / remote adventure riders. There is plenty of information in the forums or on Facebook groups about failures. Not only it is a dangerous failure, it is close to impossible to field fix and there are already reports of riders being stranded.

This is what the failed o-ring looks like

Failed oring on Husqvarna 701 clutch slave cylinder
Husqvarna 701 clutch slave cylinder failure – reason is low quality oring

Fixing the slave cylinder clutch failure on Husqvarna 701

There are few options available for fixing:

  • Dealer check and replacement under warranty (there is a newer part number)
  • Replacing the O-ring – the fastest way
  • Replacing the clutch cylinder with Oberon

Some people are reporting dealers refusing to do the work under warranty. In the better case, they ask for few hours of diagnostic time to be paid by the owner(s) and only have Husqvarna cover the replacement under warranty. In addition some people don’t trust the new part and I would tend to agree that there should have been a recall issued already.

Fixing the slave cylinder yourself

The fix is pretty simple – order the Oring replacement, it is EPDM o-ring, 22mm ID and 2.5mm thick.

Next take the slave cylinder off. Push piston out. Replace O-ring. Dab of brake fluid on new ring. Slide it it gently. Reassemble. The video below also provides a bit more details

Replace cylinder with Oberon

Some people don’t trust the Oring solution because it keeps the same cylinder in place. Thus they are going to (IMHO) extreme measures and replace the whole assembly with an Oberon product. The Oberon uses a machined seal that eliminates the problem. It’s a bolt on, bleed and ride fix.

Husqvarna Oberon slave clutch cylinder

It costs $159 and for those that need the extra piece of mind it might be a good choice. I have stuck to replacing the O-ring in the original assembly and will report if anything goes wrong


3 Responses

  1. jim marsh

    January 14, 2020 3:35 am

    my slave leaked at 800 ml was replaced by dealer under warrenty now at 1600 ml it failed sitting at a light I have to get it checked I too do not want to get stranded they should recall and come up with a perm. fix

  2. Jan

    March 21, 2020 9:45 am

    The old clutch slave cylinder has X-ring. The new OEM kit has O-ring and to my knowledge, the part number is the same .


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